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I am feeling very happy to reach out to you through this website. Encouraged by the commitment of our service sacraments, we have run an NGO called Deenbandhu Seva Sanstha Neemuch towards social welfare.This institution improves the functioning in rural areas, especially the Dalit Scheduled Castes of the society, the people of the tribe, the landless, the bonded laborers, the disabled, the poor orphans, the women, the people living below the poverty line, the small, marginal farmers and the exploited classes Anac has become active with sacred objectives such as helping out prominently.We have realized that collective efforts should be made to improve the lifestyle of the villagers and raise their standard of living. For this, this organization has proposed a scheduled public awareness campaign. For which formation of self-help groups is a good way. There is a need to exploit the local available resources.We will expand the existing form of the institution with the appointment of our workers and officials at all the district headquarters of the country. We invite skilled social workers for this. You can definitely contact us.

Our Story

The institution in-charge Deenbandhu Bairagi has gained extensive experience by participating in many trainings under various schemes of the government. In the same sequence, one month residential training at Sanjay Gandhi Youth Leadership and Rural Development Training Institute, Pachmarhi, Madhya Pradesh, in 1984, underwent international journalism training under the direction of 7-day Makhanlal Chaturvedi National Journalism Vishwa Vidyalaya, Bhopal, held at the Neemuch district headquarters in the year 1998.In the year 2003, one week residential training was received at National Rural Development Training Center, Nagjhiri Division Ujjain.In the same sequence, Madhya Pradesh Government participated in a two-day residential workshop on the topics of Khubiyya and Khamiya of Panchayati Raj and Village Swaraj in Village Chapra District Dewas and in the year 2001 Panchayati Raj and Village Swaraj organized by Bhopal Institute of Administration Academy of Government of Madhya Pradesh As part of the arrangement, 3-day residential setcam center has directly participated in the broadcast. Therefore, whose extensive experiences will benefit the institution.

Honorable achievements

The institute in-charge has been in the field of journalism for the last 20 years. Has experience of working effectively. Who have made a special recognition by showing activeness as correspondents of various newspapers during this period. On this basis, the institution in-charge received the prestigious Shri Rajmal Lodha Shrestha Journalism Award of Mandsaur Parliamentary constituency in the year 2000 and in the year 2004 the National Journalist Morcha Bharat has conferred a letter of appreciation.Similarly, the institution in-charge had an auspicious opportunity to be elected to the post of sarpanch of Gram Panchayat Barathoon District Neemuch Madhya Pradesh in the year 2002 and 2010. During this time too, the government has been awarded by the Gram Panchayat on the basis of extensive development work.

Our Services

Community Health & More

Training apropos First AID , CPR ( Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation ) , Water & other Environment Conservation , and Disaster Management Skills to organisational level . Targets are mainly students of Schools & Colleges and young employees of the corporates.

NGO Connect & More

Like mind Societies and Trusts working on welfare and national Building will be well connected . Time to time we are to organise programmes in creating synergy among like minded NGO people . It will be a platform to share working styles , Challenges and Achievements.

Civic Sense & National Quotient

The dense and excess population is challenge with limited resources of our nation.Our team endeavour is in advocating to mark all panchayats on Civic Sense and National Quotient & accordingly plan development structure.


CSR is no more some how managed thing. New policy demands purely professional hands to manage one's CSR need. Our team are professionally well capable and experienced in creating your CSR planning. On requirement , we prepare proper DPR and able to execute effectively too as per the latest policy requirements.

We offer quick and reliable solution for your CSR need.

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